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Thank you for reading this page. You are invited to contribute to improve this wiki to create a good manual for KLog .

However, in order to guarantee some quality and prevent spam and other attacks you need a user to be able to edit the wiki.

Obtaining a user will not be enough, you will also have to become an editor and…

How can you become an editor?

Just create an account, preferable using your personal callsign and the administrator will give you the rights to contribute. You should know that this will be a manual process so it may take from some hours to some days.

You can also send an email to EA4K to ask you for the permissions just in case it is taking so much time.

There are some rules for editors. Please read them before starting to contribute.

Please know that any spam or any content that is not appropriate for this wiki will result in the immediate cancellation of the editor rights or account being removed without a previous notification.

If you are willing to contribute to KLog you should know that there are always many things you can do to support and help KLog .

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