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KLog includes a simple DX-Cluster client.

You can configure the DX-Cluster feature in the Setup to define the server, port and so on.

To use the DX-Cluster in KLog you only need to select the Cluster tab in the Bottom Block.

You can connect to the DX-Cluster server by simply clicking on Connect.

KLog will connect to the DX-Cluster server and will ask you for a user and password if the server needs them. Just enter your callsign and password for that DX-Cluster server and KLog will make the connection.

You can send commands to the DX-Cluster server by entering the command and clicking on Send or pressing Enter.

Once KLog connects to the DX-Cluster server, the spots will start arriving in KLog.

The spots will be coloured depending on the status, whether Confirmed, Worked or Not Worked.

Colors can be defined in the Colors setup page.

You can select a spot to be worked by double clicking on it.

Double clicking a spot will transfer the DX callsign and frequency to the main widget.

If Hamlib is configured, your radio will be automatically set to that frequency.

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