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The My Data page is where you will be able to define your basic information.

Some of the data that you can enter here is mandatory and others, although not mandatory, will be used by KLog in your daily operations, if available.

Call: This is a mandatory field. Here you need to enter your Station Callsign. This callsign will be used by KLog to calculate the Locator just below and will be automatically added to your QSOs in the Station Callsign field in the My Data tab.

Locator: This field will be calculated from your callsign. It is quite probable that the Locator that KLog is proposing is not accurate. Please fix it and enter the right one. This locator will be used to calculate beams and distances and automatically added to your QSOs in the My Data tab.

CQ and ITU zones are automatically suggested from you callsign. Please add the right ones if KLog is not suggesting the most appropriate.

Operators: This box is expecting one or several (comma separated) callsigns of the different operators that are using the station.

The fields on the Personal Data are not used in your log, nor exported in the log. You can fill it or leave it blank.

Clicking on station data will switch to a second tab where you will be asked to fill data regarding your station. Today only the Power is used in your QSOs and it will be added as a default value, if you enter a value higher than 0.

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