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Installing KLog in Linux is quite easy.

Most of the Linux distributions are distributing KLog on a regular basis.

Using the packahe that your distribution is maintaining is usually the easiest way to install KLog but unfortunately is not always possible to use the latest version of KLog.

If you want to install KLog in your Linux system, I would recommend to check your preferred distribution repository before downloading the sources to compile and install:

* Debian Stable

* Debian Testing

If you finally decide to compile your KLog in Linux, it will also be easy. You will always find some instructions in the sources, but you can access the INSTALL-linux file clicking on the link.

You will see that in order to compile KLog in Linux, you will need to install some dependencies first:

Dependencies: g++, make, qt5-qmake, qtbase5-dev & qttools5-dev libqt5charts5-dev, libqt5sql5-sqlite libqt5serialport5-dev & libhamlib-dev packages

Each Linux distribution will have their own files, but it will not be so difficult to find the packages you need to install before compiling KLog.

Once you have the dependencies, you will only have to enter, in the KLog sources folder:



and… if everything goes alright and you want to install, enter:

make install

as root to install the binary in your system..

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