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From my experience working satellites, is quite frequent to find a QSO incorrectly uploaded due to mistakes on the logbook softwares.

Klog has been designed thinking in that kind of situations, trying to make easy the data introduction correctly.

First, we have to select the satellite you are going to work, on the “Satellite Tab”. Frequencies and Propagation mode will be automatically set.

This is the only action needed to have the QSO correctly validated in the online services (LoTW, eQSL, ClubLog). Unfortunately, doesn't support satellites QSOs.

Then, when you make a QSO, you only have to introduce Callsign and Locator of the station worked.

During pass, If you had checked the option “Keep these Data” in Satellites Tab, you only have to enter Callsigns and Locators. Quite easy….

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