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Entering a QSO in KLog is pretty easy.

You just need to enter the Callsign, select the appropriate band and mode, date and time an click on Add. If the checkbox is checked, Date and time will be automatically take it from your computer. If not checked, you can enter it manually.

If band and mode are OK, entering just the Call and pressing 'Enter' will add the QSO to the log.

Even more, while entering data on the different Tabs available, if you hit 'Enter' in any text entry box, the QSO will be added to the Log.

When working satellites is necessary to select the satellite in the “Satellites Tab”. Uplink and Downlink frequencies will be automatically set, with the data from the satellites data base included in KLog.

If you are going to continue working on this satellite, is better to check the option “Keep this data” until the end of the pass. Doing like this, satellite data will be automatically added to the next QSOs.

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