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This page assumes that you have already configured KLog to use LoTW though the eLog Setup and that you have the software TQSL from ARRL installed. If you have not done it, please do it before trying to continue.

If you are using LoTW for the first time, you need to download the TQSL software from the ARRL website: ARRL web site

Upload to LoTW

KLog uploads the QSOs we have “Queued”. All new QSOs introduced using KLog are marked as “Queued” in order to be uploaded when user wants.

When user wants to do it, clicking on “Send Queued QSOs to LoTW” a window will be opened showing the QSOs that are going to be uploaded, in order to check if everything is correct.


If is the first time using LoTW, will be better to “Mark all QSOs as Queued” in order to upload the entire Log.

Download from LoTW

You can download the QSOs that you have previously uploaded to LoTW. QSOs downloaded from KLog will update your log.

In order to download your QSOs from LoTW to KLog you need to click on “Download the full log from LoTW…” this will take you to some questions to select which QSOs do you want to download. Clicking on “Download from LoTW…” will allow you to download just the new received QSL from LoTW, without more questions than the station callsign you want to download the QSOs to.

Once you select “Download the full log from LoTW…” you will be asked for the station callsign. Select the appropriate one.

After selecting the station callsign you will be asked to select the date of the first QSO you want to download from. If you are OK with the proposed date (that matches the first QSO of the selected station callsign in your log) click Yes, if you think that you have previous QSOs in LoTW that are not in your local log, select No.

If you click on No, you will see a calendar to select the start date. Double click the date you want.

If you have already downloaded a file from LoTW and you did not deleted the downloaded file, KLog will ask you for confirmation to overwrite the file. Click on yes and continue.


KLog will download all your QSOs from LoTW and will ask you if you want to update your log with the downloaded one.


This will update the LoTW QSL reception status with the data coming from LoTW.

Then another question will be asked:


This will add all the not existing QSOs in your local log that are existing in LoTW.

If everything goes OK, you will see a final message showing you the number of QSOs that have been updated.


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