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KLog allows the user to upload and download QSOs to several online providers like LoTW, ClubLog, and

This page will guide you through the configuration of KLog for using these sites.

Open the Config Dialog and go the eLog Tab.

This tab will allow you to configure your credentials for the online providers you use.

This screen has four parts, one per online provider. Click “Activate” for the Service provider you want to use and enter the required information.

Clublog, and are configured by entering your credentials after clicking on Activate but LoTW requires two steps.

* Enable uploading of QSOs via TQSL.

LoTW requires QSOs to be signed with a digital certificate, this is handled by TQSL. You can get more information in the LoTW page.

Once you have your TQSL properly configured, you will need to click on the TQSL path button to select the path to the TQSL executable so KLog can find it when needed.

* Enable downloading of QSOs from LoTW.

This second step, will be required only if you want to download the LoTW QSL confirmations from LoTW and you will be only required to enter your LoTW credentials.

Once you have your eLog tab configured, you can click OK to go back to the main KLog window and start uploading your log to each online provider.

* How to upload/download QSOs to LoTW

* How to upload QSOs to ClubLog

* How to upload QSOs to

* How to upload QSOs to

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