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Configuring KLog is not difficult.

KLog has a 'Settings' option in the menu with tabs to adjust all settings.

My Data : To define your main data: Callsign, Locator and other station information.

Band/Modes : To select which bands and modes that you use.

Log widget : To select which data fields are shown in the log widget.

DX-Cluster : To configure how to connect to the DX-Cluster.

Colors : To set the colours you want to use to display the status of QSOs.

Misc : Several miscellaneous selection items that do not fit in other tabs.

World Editor : To see all the DXCC entities.

Logs : To add, edit or select the different logs that KLog can manage.

eLog : To configure the ham radio online services providers.

Setup-WSJT-X : To configure how WSJT-X sends data to KLog.

Satellites : To manage the different satellites that KLog supports.

HamLib : To configure how your radio equipment communicates with KLog.

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